The undisputed leader of
handling in the food industry

The Roul’Pile is the result of a unique design of a stacker handling cart for cheese dairies, developed specifically for the food industry.

  • Ultra-fast action
  • Unparalleled maneuverability
  • A significant reduction in effort
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Adapted to your cheese trays
  • Food standards
  • Praised by the french CHSCT

Discover the Roul’Pile trolley in video

Lift 500 kilos in a single gesture!

Thanks to a unique kinematics and a specific design, the Roul’Pile trolley allows you, in a single quick gesture, to lift a load of 500 kilos with a minimum of effort, to be able to move it in complete safety!

A configuration in 5 steps

Configure your Roul’Pile

  • Standard dimensions
  • The casters
  • The zero overhang
  • Finishing
  • The options

Associated services

Our design office, in close collaboration with our manufacturing workshop, can produce, according to your specific needs, a Roul’Pile trolley completely adapted to your working environment:

  • Stress and amplitude study
  • Specific configuration of the lever arm
  • Custom dimensions of the tray
  • Lift amplitude