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Roul’Pile is the combination of industrial manufacturing coupled with a totally tailor-made design …

Roul’Pile maintenance is integrated from the design stage, to limit and facilitate daily maintenance operations.


Balin has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of industrial products.

The Roul’Pile trolley can be designed specifically according to your own constraints: type of elements to be moved, modularity of use of the trolley, load lifting and / or locking device, specific mechanical adaptations, etc.

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Balin has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of specific products for the food industry.

The Roul’pile is specifically designed according to these particular constraints: humid and saline atmosphere, wet floors, frequent cleaning requirements, absence of microbial retention areas, full stainless treatment, contained fluids, etc.

Balin can also offer you other products specific to the food industry: drip trays, distributors, molds, basins, tanks …

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Balin can design and manufacture any type of accessories according to your own constraints.

Do not hesitate to consult us on this subject.