Discover the Roul’Pile

Lift 500 kilos in a single gesture!

Thanks to a unique kinematics and a specific design, the stacker cart allows you, in a single quick gesture, to lift a load of 500 kilos with a minimum of effort, to be able to move it in complete safety!

A specific design without hollow body facilitating flow, for optimized washing and cleaning, avoiding bacterial retention.

Equipped with standard bearings with self-alignment of the drive to reduce the forces and prevent wear-related friction particles.

An optional load descent brake increases safety.

Castors fitted with bearings with stainless steel rollers operating without grease.

Equipped as standard with a latch lock, or, optionally, a locking handle.

Maintenance is integrated from the design stage, which makes it easier to replace wearing parts or overhauls.

Discover the Roul’Pile trolley in video

Standard features and dimensions

Maximum load 500 kgs
Lifting effort ±35 kgs
A – Width 430 mm
B – Length 700 mm 1200 mm
C – Height (low / high) 150 mm / 210 mm
D – Deck height 300 mm mini
E – Guide height 1080 mm mini
F – Overall length 1100 mm 1600 mm
Weight 55 kgs 75 kgs

Tailor-made design

Balin has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of industrial products.

Our design office, in close collaboration with our manufacturing workshop, can produce, according to your specific needs, a Roul’Pile trolley completely adapted to your working environment:

  • Study effort and amplitude
  • Specific configuration of the lever arm
  • Custom dimensions of the tray
  • Lift amplitude