Upkeep / Maintenance

Easier upkeep and maintenance operations

The maintenance and upkeep of Roul’Pile are integrated from the design stage, to limit and facilitate day-to-day operations in a production environment.

The unique design of the Roul’Pile means that maintenance is very low:

  • Full traceability thanks to the unique
  • Identification number of the truck
  • Maintenance kits
  • Revisions
  • Factory reconditioning

All the elements are easily accessible and removable.

We have a stock of replacement parts to assist you quickly, if necessary.

User documentation

Find here direct access to the Roul’Pile user documentation (in french), in PDF format.

Adjusting the hydraulic speed regulator

This PDF document explains how to change the force / speed ratio of the regulator rod output: it is necessary to narrow the passage of the cooking oil which passes from its front chamber to its rear chamber.


Balin can design and manufacture any type of accessories according to your own constraints.

Do not hesitate to consult us on this subject.