Roul’pile trolley with electrical assistance

Lift and move 600 kg with your fingertip !

By combining electrical assistance already proven on its Tir’Pouss trolley and the specific design of the Roul’Pile manual trolley, BALIN now allows you to lift a load of 600 kilos, with the tip of your finger, to then be able to move it in complete safety, effortlessly !

The advantages of this innovation are numerous:

  • Fight against MSDs
  • Enable the feminization of workplaces
  • Improve the comfort and safety of operators at work
  • Increase productivity
  • Further secure stacks of cheese when moving them

An electric jack, specially sized according to your needs, lifts the tray and the stacks of cheeses.

The maximum load, which can go up to 600 kg for a double stack trolley, is clearly indicated.

The control drawbar controls all the electrical assistance: lifting the load, travel speeds, direction of the truck,… all with just one finger.

Thanks to the optimal integration of the BLDC PM technology motor, the 1-level helical transmission, the batteries and the electronics within its hub, the waterproof drive wheel (IP 69K) offers a powerful solution (35 daN) , safe, quiet and clean in an optimal compactness.

In order to meet the needs of your restricted environments, it is controlled using a wireless module located in the drawbar head.

The electric assistance offers progressiveness in both directions (front and rear) and is easily configured via user-friendly software provided allowing you to make the necessary adjustments depending on the type and weight of loads to be moved, but also your environment .

The long life Ni-MH technology of the batteries allows rapid charging and obtains 90% of the charge in just 2h30.

Some characteristics:

  • Rated speed: 6.2 km/h
  • Maximum speed: 9 km/h
  • Indicative lifespan: 15,000 km / 5,000 hours / 1,500,000 starts-stops
  • Battery life: 5-8 years
  • Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • IP rating: IP69K

The specific design of a “charging stirrup” allows rapid charging of the wheel by direct bottle feeding near the workstation.

All connections are waterproof, which allows the Roul’pile electrically assisted trolley to work in humid environments.

The battery dedicated to the operation of the electric cylinder is stored in a waterproof and lockable stainless steel box, which makes it possible to use the trolley without the motor, if necessary.

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Custom design

Balin has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of specialized handling trolleys.

Our design office, in close collaboration with our manufacturing workshop, can produce, according to your specific needs, a Roul’Pile trolley with electrical assistance totally adapted to your working environment and your expectations.