Configuration and quotation

A configuration in five steps!

Standard dimensions


Single length

Double length

An adaptation or a tailor-made design according to your needs!

The wheels

4 wheels

4 wheels

Pivots 360 ° on itself

6 wheels

Exceptional stability with 360° pivot

The zero overhang

In charge



Pickling passivation


Electrolytic polishing

Microblasting + electrolytic polishing

Our finishing processes are carried out in sectors that comply with HqE standards.

The options

Protective sheets

Additional protections closer to the wheels.

Load descent brake

A hydraulic retarder developed specifically for the food industry controls the rate of descent of the load.

Stainless steel roller bearings Roller

A wide choice of possible castor configuration: with rubber tires, solid castors, etc.

Solid or perforated sheet metal top

Addition of solid or perforated plates on the table top to increase versatility.

Plate wideners

Existing standard plate wideners avoiding the need for a personalized study.

Locking handle

Allows the operator to keep both hands on the maneuver bar during the unlocking phase.

Custom engraving

Possibility to customize the engraving marking of your Roul’Pile trolleys.

Other suitable materials

Balin designs and manufactures other standardized or specific materials: base stands, racks, …

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The dotted lines indicate the elements in high position.

Dimension G is that of the platform in rolling position.

Dimensions (in mm)


Types of wheels


Surface treatment

4 + 1 =

Tailor-made design

Balin has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of industrial products.

Our design office, in close collaboration with our manufacturing workshop, can produce, according to your specific needs, a Roul’Pile trolley completely adapted to your working environment:

  • Stress and amplitude study
  • Specific configuration of the lever arm
  • Custom dimensions of the tray
  • Lift amplitude